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We won’t drag it out and try to shove a bunch of ancient wisdoms down your throat until you choke to ‘near-death’ on a big chewy chunk of unity; we will however suggest you might want to nibble on a bit of blended beingness once in a while, since it seems to be fueling the fires of passion in most of our guests.

Inspiration, information and conversation… Those are the backbones of Everyday Connection and with those three things we have opened the door to an open and honest representation of our ever changing world.   We know that human beings are innately creative, intelligent and compassionate.  It is our goal to seek out and connect our listeners with as many of these magnificent beings from around the world as we can find who are using their own personal passions and gifts to make this world a better place in which to live.  At Everyday Connection we believe that ordinary, everyday people are doing extraordinary things Everyday and we are passionate about being the mirror that shows the world it’s awesome potential; when people finally realize how awesome they are, they then take that awesomeness back out into the world and the world expands exponentially.

So till next time…

To our Mother, to Each Other and especially to YOURSELVES…

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ECN305 – Lupa Greenwolf – Totemism and Nature Spirituality

Lupa GreenwolfLupa is an author, artist, naturalist and sustainability geek in Portland, OR within the watersheds of the mighty Columbia and Willamette rivers. Growing up in the rural Midwest, she was that child who was always grubbing around in the woods, turning over rocks to find garter snakes, and catching sunfish with salami in a tiny creek. As she grew older, the nonhuman natural world became integral to her sense of self and well-being, and she entered into paganism seeking deeper connections to what she found to be sacred. After almost twenty years of exploring traditions, rituals, and structures, she has come back full circle to being most comfortable and connected through simple awe and wonder at the world around her. Continue reading

ECN253 – Dianne Collins – Do You QuantumThink?

Dianne CollinsDianne Collins is an important thought-leader of our time; her workshops and consulting sessions are widely sought after by a clientele that includes politicians, celebrities, and CEOs alike. This ambitious book is the culmination of her life’s work, and it unveils the powerful secrets she has uncovered in the process. These secrets bridge the gap between ancient wisdom and modern science to reveal a power that exists in each of us if only we learn how to access its source. The key to this access is a concept she calls QuantumThink®, which explains that our thinking is not “free” but is conditioned by our world view. Only with this knowledge are we able to pursue the lives that we truly desire. Continue reading

ECN304 – Daniel Parmeggiani – The Magnificent Truths of Our Existence

Daniel ParmeggianiJoin us as Daniel Parmeggiani drops by to chat about his book, The Magnificent Truths of Our Existence.  Daniel has identified 10 magnificent truths, that when understood, will bring you the inner peace and whole-being happiness we all seek.  He even lets us in on a 3 step process that can release and clear guilt from your life. Continue reading

ECN303 – Bobbie Ann Cole – She Does Not Fear the Snow

Bobbie Ann ColeBobbie Ann Cole is passionate about testimony. Testifying to what God is doing in our lives is central to her writing and to her teaching.

The Encounters with Jesus Write Your Testimony Workbook and Course are available through her blog http://testimonytrain.com and in churches.

Bobbie has been a writer since age 6, writing her own version of Hansel and Gretel on the back of her school report:

it didn’t go cwit the way they had inspected. The birds et all the crums up…

She has trained in creative writing at post-graduate level and holds a qualification in teaching adults. Her short stories have been published and she has received grants and awards for her prose and drama.

Her background is in journalism. She wrote, edited and produced the magazine ‘Invest in France’ for the French Government. She is also a businesswoman, having launched and run her own company in the UK music industry.

Bobbie loves travel and languages. She has lived in UK, Germany, France, French West Africa, Canada and Israel. She speaks English, French and German fluently and has a working knowledge of Hebrew.

She’s a mother, grandmother and wife. She and her Boaz currently divide their time between Atlantic Canada and Kent in the Garden of England. Continue reading

ECN302 – Pamela Oslie – Infinite You

Pamela OslieAuthor Pamala Oslie has her own radio show on KZSB in Santa Barbara, CA, has an extensive global clientele, including many celebrities, and has appeared on numerous national and regional television and radio programs, including “The View,” “The Ricki Lake Show,” “Better TV,” Hallmark TV’s “Home and Family,” “Iyanla” and “Coast to Coast Radio.” Pam was a featured speaker at the TEDx conference in Santa Barbara, CA in 2012. Her newest book is Infinite You: A Journey to Your Greater Self and Beyond. Continue reading