ECN307 – Dr. Michael Luan – Body Communication

Michael LuanWe had a fun and informative conversation with Dr. Michael Luan.  Listen in for tips and to learn more about body communication.  Michael in his own words:

I’m 5’9”, extraordinarily long-waisted, and have dreamt of having a butt like a figure skater ever since I put on my first pair of jeans and saw reality in the
mirror. In an effort to work on what God clearly forgot to give me, I have learned great deal about the body:
if I eat wrong, I get a Buddha belly.
if I stand connected, I become a leader.
if I exercise intelligently, I live a healthy life.
if I breathe right, I can reshape my body.
if I have fun, I can focus better.
if I move with balance and agility, I gain positive attention.
if I do all of the above, and I truly wish to change, I can take on any difficult task and create a simple way to solve it.
The body is your ultimate tool for success, and we all have the potential for greatness. Many times we cannot see our own greatness and need fresh perspective to help bring out the best in us. With a little coaching and insight,
I can show you how to get the ass-ets you wish to have.

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ECN250 – Sir Julian Rose – Fighting for a GMO Free Poland

Sir Julian RoseThe “Sir” preceding Julian Rose‘s name is due to his inherited baronetcy, but we like to think of it as Knighthood since Sir Julian Rose is a Knight in service to our Mother Earth. He succeeded to the baronetcy of Rose of Hardwick House in 1966 and became a double baronet in 1979 when he also succeeded to the baronetcy of Rose of Montreal. Julian is one of the pioneers of organic farming, beginning the conversion of the Hardwick Estate in 1975.  Listen as we discuss his current work for a GMO Free Poland, and his latest book, In Defence of Life Continue reading

ECN306 – Kasimir Kurt – Lightworks

Kasimir KurtWe had a delightful conversation with our new friend Kasimir.  Here’s a little about him in his own words:

I came in with my abilities and a strong connection to other people’s energy and my guides, this connection almost went on a total pause during my school years, waiting to flourish in the years of my young adulthood, which was manifesting itself through 2 major wake-up calls as « I » was not willing to listen and let my life be guided by my heart , guides and the universe at large. Having walked down this path of resistance and awakening on which I even died at the age of 16 and ended up severely injuring myself « accidentally » by trying to escape my inner knowing. Continue reading

ECN305 – Lupa Greenwolf – Totemism and Nature Spirituality

Lupa GreenwolfLupa is an author, artist, naturalist and sustainability geek in Portland, OR within the watersheds of the mighty Columbia and Willamette rivers. Growing up in the rural Midwest, she was that child who was always grubbing around in the woods, turning over rocks to find garter snakes, and catching sunfish with salami in a tiny creek. As she grew older, the nonhuman natural world became integral to her sense of self and well-being, and she entered into paganism seeking deeper connections to what she found to be sacred. After almost twenty years of exploring traditions, rituals, and structures, she has come back full circle to being most comfortable and connected through simple awe and wonder at the world around her. Continue reading

ECN283 – Lee and Brit Elders – Shamans, ETs and UFOs, Oh My

Brit and Lee EldersLeading UFO researchers and documentary film makers Lee and Brit Elders have worked on many in-depth investigations, including the Billy Meier photographs/contact case in Switzerland, and the waves of UFO sightings in Mexico which began in 1991. Continue reading

ECN253 – Dianne Collins – Do You QuantumThink?

Dianne CollinsDianne Collins is an important thought-leader of our time; her workshops and consulting sessions are widely sought after by a clientele that includes politicians, celebrities, and CEOs alike. This ambitious book is the culmination of her life’s work, and it unveils the powerful secrets she has uncovered in the process. These secrets bridge the gap between ancient wisdom and modern science to reveal a power that exists in each of us if only we learn how to access its source. The key to this access is a concept she calls QuantumThink®, which explains that our thinking is not “free” but is conditioned by our world view. Only with this knowledge are we able to pursue the lives that we truly desire. Continue reading

ECN304 – Daniel Parmeggiani – The Magnificent Truths of Our Existence

Daniel ParmeggianiJoin us as Daniel Parmeggiani drops by to chat about his book, The Magnificent Truths of Our Existence.  Daniel has identified 10 magnificent truths, that when understood, will bring you the inner peace and whole-being happiness we all seek.  He even lets us in on a 3 step process that can release and clear guilt from your life. Continue reading