On Our Next Show – China Brooks

They say life is supposed to be about the journey not the destination…
We say China Brooks is living by this much loved law of life.  Despite her young age, her list of ‘yup I did that’ is remarkably long and growing longer every day.  Is she a teacher?  Is she a guide?  Sure we could call her that; in fact we could give you a list of titles and accolades to go along with our description of her but as she is not one to put personal and spiritual well-being into a neatly tied package we doubt much that she would approve if we did.  Instead we will simply tell you that this young woman is full of laughter, joy and more than willing to share her inner light with everybody she meets.  Her life is all about having fun, loving what you’re doing and most importantly loving who you are… and we love her for it.  To learn more about China and her journey, join us on this week’s episode while we explore yet again what it is to follow your heart and allow it to take you to places you never dreamed were possible…
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