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Paxton RobeyThere are times when we are so concerned with the path we have chosen to take, so focused on choosing the right direction, and so lost in our own worries and doubts that we forget that we are not walking the path alone.

Tonight’s show with Paxton Robey was a powerful reminder of the value of surrendering to spirit and allowing our divine guidance to carry us forward into our future. As usual I do not wish to spoil your fun by revealing too much ahead of time but I will entice you a little by sharing a very important piece of advice… “Silence the mind so that you can hear the voice of Spirit”, but as usual we discussed just how important it is to do that on your own terms, in your own time and in your own way…

Some of Paxton’s sharing will leave you in shock, some will leave you pondering, some of it will leave you with a need to reflect, all of it will leave you wanting more…

Hit that magic play button and join us on another journey into connection to spirit.

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You can find Paxton, and download his book, “No Time for Karma” at:

Join us again next week when our guest will be David Cole. David will be talking with us about Celtic Christian Spirituality. 2011-08-16

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