Everyday Connection – Sierra Goodman

Sierra GoodmanEver wonder what it would be like to leave it all behind and travel the world to have wondrous adventures…  Tonight’s guest did just that, by following her passion and taking a chance in a once in a lifetime opportunity she changed not only her own life, but is now able to offer that same experience to others… Coast hopping and traversing oceans is just not enough for this water loving angel, she had to get IN the ocean and see the world of the big fish as close to through their eyes as possible without having fins of her own.  She now offers tours to people who want to connect with dolphins and whales in their natural environment in the hopes that others may discover the same joy that she experienced at the beginning of her latest life’s journey.  To hear her incredible story first hand hit the play button and join us for an hour while we talk to the lady who talks to dolphins… it may surprise you to hear what they have to say…

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Sierra Club

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