Everyday Connection – Barbara Hofmeister

Barbara HoffmeisterLife divided by the most famous wall in the world could have left her bitter and unwilling to open her heart to others, but something in her heart would not allow anger to be her guide and she is now dedicating her time and energy to helping others to tear down their own internal walls…

To Be or Not to Be – The Choice is Yours… an apt title for a book that encourages people to look inside themselves and make a conscious choice to create for themselves the life they would like to live.  True change does not come from the world outside, it comes from within and it is always nice to have a gentle loving hand to help you on your own path to freedom…

She cannot give you the answers to your questions, but she can offer you the tools to help you connect to the inner guidance that you need to take your next step. We always are honoured to have guests join us who have taken what could be perceived as a scary and traumatic experience and turned it around into a life lesson that can be passed onto others.  Join while we explore the tearing down of walls with tonight’s guest Barbara Hofmeister.

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