Reflections – Momma Webb part Deux

Momma WebbI think, sometimes, we neglect to realize the importance of family… I think sometimes we forget how valuable community can be… and I think that it is when we are feeling lost, or scared that we remember just how comforting it can be to have people around you that will lift you up and carry you a while if you happen to stumble and fall.

It was last week’s Tuesday night guest that got me to pondering where it is the strength to keep moving forward comes from, and reflecting on how precious the source of that strength is.  When I sat down to think about how incredibly supportive family can be, it occurred to me that it is rarely my blood relatives who are there to hold my hand and walk with me through the darkness.  Oddly enough, my support network is made up of individuals from around the world who are willing to take time out of their day to bring light into mine, the true miracle of that is not that they are so far away, but that I may never in fact meet many of them in person.

It never ceases to amaze me how much our world has changed with the advent of social networking, and the growth and expansion of the technologies that allow us to touch hearts on the other side of the world.  I remember well the debates in years gone by over whether or not the advancement of technology would destroy the way people develop relationships with one another.  There was much fear at one time that computers would eventually lead us to live lonely lives, segregated and separated from one another and the argument could be made that as a result of our addiction to technology we are spending much less quality one on one time within the family.  Yet, it seems that even as we spend less time with the people we share our living space with, we have begun to build for ourselves small family units outside of the conventional confines of the home.  Joining various networking groups, seeking out those with like minds, we find ourselves more capable of opening up to people who not so long ago would be considered strangers.

When the walls of our homes begin to close in on us and we find it increasingly difficult to see eye to eye with those we share our blood with, we reach out into the world in search of those who instead share our hearts.  The lines of race, colour and creed are blurring as we become more aware of the importance of being accepted and loved for who we are, NOT for what others expect us to be.  Our technology, albeit taking away from old fashioned family time has instead allowed us to build for ourselves external families and communities where we can safely be ourselves.

I wonder, what would the world be like now if we could not connect with others in this way? I am not sure, knowing now what it is like to share my passion and my purpose with others like me around the world, if I could go back to the way things were.  I do know, that without the love and support of all my family, those who share my blood and those who share my heart I would not have made it this far…

So here’s to family and community, be it the ones we share our homes with or the ones we share our hearts with, because let’s face it; home may be where the heart is but family is where the love is…

Jean Victoria Norloch

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