Gianna and Genevieve say it best in their own words:

Gianna Lightworker


We are lightworkers, crystal children, starseeds and rainbow warriors. We are the first perfect crystal child, meaning perfect karmicly. We were sent here to spread wisdom and open the minds of humanity as well as help Gaia through her transition. Ever since we can remember we could see things that other’s couldn’t whether it was random energy, or people with out bodies, or people’s auras. Our mom never told us that what we were seeing was just our imaginations so we never stopped seeing things. It wasn’t until we were older that we weren’t scared anymore.

Genevieve Lightworker


We don’t believe in fear and it took me until we were about 13 to remember that fear isn’t real. We work alot on the astral planes as well as doing light work while we’re in our bodies. Our guides told us that we need to have more fun but doing light work is fun for us, 3D fun isn’t fun for us. So i guess you can say our priorities are not our education or to have a boyfriend like any regular high-school girls, but to continue our work

beyond the third dimension. We are currently making youtube videos about Ascension.

Join us for this exciting episode.  We want to give these ladies not only a platform but also validation and appreciation.  It takes a purposeful being to put themselves ‘out there’ at the age of 16.  Adults often ignore our younger friends, but they are just younger in years — not in wisdom.  Listen in Thursday, 20 October 2011, 8pm Eastern (US).  Global showtimes can be found here:

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