Nancy Gosse on EC 2011-10-27

Nanacy GosseNancy D. Gosse grew up in a typical small town in Newfoundland, the youngest of six children.  Having experienced struggles with a broken home, abusive environment, and failed relationships, she delved into a journey of self-discovery and was awakened to a deeper truth.  Having served in various capacities as a counselor, mental health worker, youth worker and finding her way into her gifts as a Spiritual Healer and Lightworker, she now works toward sharing a deeper awareness of the potential for humanity to emerge into its full co-creative capacity to work in alignment with our Higher Purpose.

About Nancy’s book – Obscurity In Your Face is a story of the inner journey of a little girl in search of who she really is. In the middle of an average dysfunctional family slowly crumbling under the weight of alcoholism, betrayal, abuse, neglect, and utter frustration with life, one little girl dares to think outside the confines of what being human means. She strives to keep her light shining, or at least to recognize that there is light somewhere.
By stating directly and bluntly the straightforward experiences and emotions felt in this journey, the writer has captured the essence of the extraordinarily simple truth that can set humanity free from its bounds. Told through the eyes of an innocent child and later through the yearning heart of a weary soul, this story captures the message of hope that nearly everyone is seeking. It accomplishes its purpose by stating the simple truth about the stories we create to keep us stuck in the illusions we’ve created to maintain our comfort zones of who we think we are.
Obscurity in Your Face is available through many online sellers including Trafford Publishing, Amazon, Lulu but I would encourage people to contact Nancy directly to get an autographed copy at reasonable price *contact me directly at [email protected]

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