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Claudia HinzIt’s extremely personal, this thing they call healing and the more communicative and trusting a relationship the healer and the patient have, the more powerful the healing is.  It is also not the kind of thing that can be approached from a space of one solution for all problems, each individual is unique and what works for one may not work for another.  Within the healing community it is well known that a plan of action that incorporates more than one methodology has a higher success rate than a simple ‘do this and get better approach’.  There is much to be said for a trial approach, and for a system that allows the patient to have multiple options with regards to the well-being of their mind and body.

Here in lies the problem, that today in main stream medicine it is widely accepted that medication and radically invasive treatments such as chemo and surgery are sure fire cure for a multitude of physical ailments and are therefore in Canada, the cost of these are covered by the government; yet even well known and widely accepted treatments such as physiotherapy and chiropractics are not covered.  This means that less known treatments, such has homeopathy and Reiki are not even in line for consideration by the government of being practices that will be made available for the general public by way of financial support. In fact, for the most part, many of these ancient methods of healing are not even considered by mainstream medicine as methods that might be accepted as possible cures.

It amazed me, as a patient to discover that the physio-therapy that was being ordered by my doctor was going to cost me more than I could afford, and it scared me to think that if not for my own personal connection to the healing community that it may have taken months longer than it did for me to get better and get back on my feet.  What of the patients out there who don’t have those connections?

Thank goodness for the generosity of holistic and energetic healers and their willingness to accept a homemade pie in exchange for a session, if not for their giving nature I might very well still be flat on my back, not yet able to dress myself, let alone, be sitting here writing this blog.  I really believe the time has come for the patient to educate themselves as to what is available out there with regards to healing of self and set about the task of demanding the right to explore alternative methods.  Much of this however is about encouraging our doctors to accept and work with our alternative healers, which means that the patient has to be honest about their desires and their needs.  I was blessed to have a doctor who was excited about the possibility of my healing being amplified by the inclusion of alternative methods, but I would never had known that if I had not had the courage to tell him I was exploring out of the box methods of healing.

I believe that if we are ever to get to the point where our health is returned to us, to a time when the almighty dollar does not hold sway over our well-being then we have to first get to the point where we take responsibility for our own needs.  It is not about simply sitting back and waiting for the changes we want, it is about educating ourselves and being the change we want to see by setting an example for others.  It is about taking the chance to step outside the normal boundaries created by society and taking it upon ourselves to find out what works for us, then being willing to share that information with others when they also find themselves looking for solutions that might help them live a healthy, happy, balanced life.

Jean Victoria Norloch

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