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The true beauty of music is that it’s a magical dialogue that can be universally accepted and understood; it can pull at your heart-strings regardless of what land you hail from or what language you speak…

To have the chance to talk to people from around the world and learn about their personal journeys has been an incredible blessing for us here at EC.  Having the opportunity to also highlight music from independent artists who use their art as a way to bring joy to people’s lives is for us another exciting endeavour.   To work with and for the youth of our incredible planet has ever been for us an honour.

To blend our passions together however by bringing a young independent musician on the show to share with us his own trials and his will to overcome them was well… It might be one of those rare moments that this long-winded writer of truths was literally at a loss for words; suffice it to say I am eternally grateful for the experience.

Dana HarmonI was deeply touched by his story, moved by his strength and uplifted by both his music and his message.  Dana Harmon, an inner city kid who overcame addiction and replaced his need for drugs with his love of music is an inspirational being whose message I pray will over time reach the ears of millions.

I have a deep seated understanding of his own struggles with prescription drugs as I have waged the same war and have suffered as he has the loss of a loved one to the sharp-edged sword of medication.  So it is with that in mind, and in memory of those we have left behind that I write today.

Dana reminded me how important it is to come forward and speak out against the things in our world that present a danger to others; reminded me how important it is to stand on our truth and to be willing to discuss openly our own shortcomings in the hopes of reaching the hearts of those listening.  He does not hide who he is, does not shy away from speaking about where he has been nor will he lie about the things he has done.  He comes out into the public and with the aid of his trusted and much-loved guitar screams to the world ‘THIS IS HOW IT IS’.   I have infinite respect for all that he has done and all that he is…

He takes a risk talking about a topic that many refuse to discuss… When it comes to the war on drugs, millions are willing to shout about their disdain for legal narcotics and warn others about the dangers of addiction but what about the drugs that are legal and not only accepted by the authorities but at times pushed upon us by the very people in whom we place our trust.  As one who has fought this battle, I can attest to the fact that it is a crap shoot as to whether or not you will be under the care of a responsible doctor who will warn you about the threat that certain prescription drugs represents.  It is easy to accept that street drugs can kill; not so easy to welcome the idea that the medication that your pharmacist sends you home with, neatly wrapped up in a white paper bag can and will if you are not careful destroy your organs.

If it seems that I am being melodramatic then I would encourage you to do your own research on this particular topic, In fact I would say that this entire blog is about pleading with you to educate yourselves in preparation for encountering a doctor who may not be so willing to openly share this information.  Am I saying that all medications are bad, certainly not; in fact when it comes to pain I am an advocate of treatments that will ease your suffering and allowing you the time and strength to heal.  Yet the fact remains that there are still far too many out there who blindly accept the advice of professional without taking the extra step needed to do research into alternative means of pain control. Nor are there nearly enough doctors out there who would go the extra mile to provide for their patients options other than the much-loved ‘magic’ pill.

The blame however cannot in my mind be placed on the medical community, but rather on the complacent attitude of patients who find it much more convenient simply to trust.   It does after all mean less work, less effort and blessedly much less pain.  Still, there is a danger in not knowing what the substances you put into your body can do, and it does not take a genius to figure out that any foreign unnatural substance may cause havoc with such an advanced mechanism as the human body.  It is important that we keep in mind that modern medicine is still a fairly ‘new’ concept and as such there is still much that we have yet to understand about the side effects and long-term impact that these medications may have on our health.

Sadly it often takes the experience of a fall for one to realize that some paths are a bit tricky to walk along.  Thankfully there are people out there like Dana who take the journey then make the long slow walk back to health and well-being just so they can stand at the cross roads to hold up a sign that says “CAUTION – GO SLOW – CONSTRUCTION IN PROGRESS”


Jean Victoria Norloch

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