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Lucien ClausseLet’s talk about choice baby,

Let’s talk about you and me,

Let’s talk about all the good things and the bad things that may be…

Let’s talk about choice…

Now if you happen to be around my age and grew up in the age of Salt n’ Peppa you may now be stuck with the same tune that I have currently dancing around in my head – If not, first of all, say a small prayer of gratitude that your brain in not trapped in a never ending lyrical loop then focus your attention on the only key word in the above rambling; CHOICE.

As a side note; to those of you who are from my generation, I would apologize to you for assisting you into replay mode but I am a huge advocate and fan of the ladies who wrote the song if only because a large part of their work, to the dismay of the generation who was trying to shut down their music for its bold message, was about letting the youth know that life is about choice and it is up to each individual to take on the responsibilities of the decisions they make and the actions they take.

Of course music was their way of reaching people and I have been reminded often of late that there are infinite numbers of ways for people to be awakened to the possibilities that the limitations they perceive to be the ruling factor in their lives may not actually exist.  The list of talented individuals out there who are coming up with exciting and creative ways to open the hearts and minds of their fellow man is endless and as such the list of individuals who may in turn have their hearts and minds opened is also endless.  What a wonderful world it is.

Now our Tuesday night guest, who might seem to be a more traditional bringer of wisdom and light, has been around a few years and for that reason has tonnes of life experience to fall back on if needed.  However, I do believe that he might be one of the first people to point out that experience is not all it’s cracked up to be, since it is doubtful that the experiences you have had will ever be perfectly identical to the challenges that those who come to you for guidance are facing.  That being said, perhaps it might be more beneficial then to simply help people to connect with their own inner guidance and wisdom rather than to attempt to answer for them the complex question of what choice will be more beneficial for them.  You see one of the most complicated tasks of those who have stood on their truth and taken the plunge into life is to remain eternally aware that their way, although it may have worked for them, may not be the best way for others.  To be a teacher or guide, healer or coach, even an author, artist or musician opens the door way for others to step into your life that see your own success and believe that you have by some miracle come upon the secret to a better life.

Enter the Messiah complex, a much overused and dangerous pursuit of those seeking answers.  One might believe that that those who stand in the light of their truth are in danger of falling prey to this little annoyance but it is more likely that it is those watching those who stand in the light of their truth who will become the victim.  The Messiah complex involves seeing all the answer to life’s questions in the eyes and mind of another, it involves believing that the ‘other’ will be able to guide and direct us onto our path, define for us our purpose and in the end save us from our own ignorance.   I have to make in quite clear at this point that this is a lie, and that in no way is it ever ‘ok’ to allow somebody to choose for us the direction is which we would wish to walk.

Now I realize that I may have brought this up before, and it might seem to some that we here at EC are repeating ourselves with regards to certain issues but I would like to point out that it is not just us who is out there trying to get this very important message out to others; in fact every single guest we have brought on the show so far including our most recent have stated quite plainly that nobody can decide for you what is best for you.   Now there is however some assistance available for those who seem unable to open up a conversation with their higher selves, a way for you to remember your connection and to come into alignment with the innate inner wisdom and light that is your being.   That is what guides like Lucien have set out to accomplish.  They have come forward to remind you who you truly are, to reassure you that you are indeed an amazing being and that there are no limits to the power you possess to bend and shape your life into exactly what you wish it to be; they have NOT come here to do it for you.

This brings us back to the word we first discussed, a magical mystical word that people seem to have forgotten the importance of.  For if you really want to have the freedom you all claim you desire, if you really want to live a life that is your own and not directed and controlled by the expectations of others then you must CHOOSE to take the steps necessary to facilitate that freedom.  Yes indeed, life is all about CHOICE and I believe it’s safe to say that I speak for not just myself but all our the extended EC family when I say we would dearly love more than anything to see you ALL stand on the truth of who you really are and get about the task of CHOOSING to live it.

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  1. Lucien Clausse says:

    Beautifully said, much Love.
    Lucien Clausse
    Maitre Spirite