Reflections – Scott Grace

Scott GraceOne of the things we most often forget the importance and power of is laughter.  Our Tuesday night guest was a poignant reminder of how much fun it can be to live in the moment and explore the freedom of now.

A rare gift he has, to take any subject and on the fly turn it into a poetic expression of thought and feeling; a gift I admit I have myself never been graced with.  His presence on the show took us outside of our comfort zone and into yet another unexplored realm and although my own initial reaction was guarded the end result was 90 minutes of light and laughter.  It left me wondering, however, what it was about our guest that initially threw me off my radio-show host game and after a little bit of inner reflecting I realized it was simply that he was playing a game that we had never tried to play.  My discomfort was the direct result of that little voice of fear that occasionally invades my inner peace by whispering to me things like ‘I can’t’.

It was a powerful realization and one that freed me further from dealing with such nagging doubts in the future.  First of all, who said I can’t – I’ve honestly never tried to turn a random topic into a poem on the spot, or tried to rhyme words to a common place question, so how do I know ‘I can’t’.  Secondly – he does it so well, that does it really matter that I can’t do it too; in fact if I would stop worrying about the whole ‘I can’t’ issues I might actually appreciate more the value of the gift he brings with him because he ‘can’.  Looking back I find the whole thing kind of funny, and that I think was in fact the whole point of our journey with Scott Grace – it was to appreciate the humour that life offers and to accept with grace all those amazing moments as they happen.  He is aptly named this light hearted fellow who brought a sense of wonder to our show, as it is that when it comes to connection with self, with each other and with our world; it is always important to take a gracious approach to each new experience as it comes.  We say so often that enlightenment is really just about lightening up and finding new ways to explore and enjoy the world in which we live and it was a balm to a tired spirit to be reminded of just how much it can change the way we look at the world.

I guess we could linger on what was, worry about what could be but what value do these things have to our own growth and development as loving caring souls?  All I know is that in my experience, laughter is one of the most powerful tools for healing, and that should be reason enough to seek out that which brings you joy.

He forced me to remember laughter, and to look once again at whether or not taking it all too seriously was really going to help me find my place in the world.  I find I have much appreciation for all our guests who help me look in the mirror; but much more for those who help me find a way to laugh at what I see.

Sure he has a story, just like everybody else out there; history however is not something he is willing to allow to get in the way of his now and thanks to his visit to our virtual sand box, I too will be more inclined to find more reasons to smile.

Jean Victoria Norloch

PS: If you missed this powerful show, listen now!


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