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One of the most important aspects of standing on your truth is aligning your actions with your beliefs.  I don’t believe that as a teacher, guide or channel it is enough simply to pass along information to others and tell them that things in life work a certain way.  There is a certain responsibility that goes along with that kind of work and if a lesson is to be taught then it ought, in my eyes, to be taught by example.

Darryl AnkaOur guest Darryl Anka is not one to spout wisdom gifted to him and then ignore his own words, rather he has found a way to integrate all that he has learned in his 28 years as a channel for Bashar into the work he does in his everyday life.  Blending together his years of experience in the film industry with his years of collective insights thanks to his work as a channel he has managed on a next to nothing budget to write, develop and produce a movie that will offer a unique glimpse into life after death.

What I found most fascinating about his visit to our show was his at ease approach to life, and his ability to go with the flow.  He spoke of hard work and dedication to his project but he also shared some great insights into allowing things to progress as they were meant to.  He offered up a glimpse into what can be accomplished when you put your trust into the universe and take a step back from attempting to control the creative journey.  I have much appreciation for this kind of faith and much gratitude towards any kind of teacher or guide who lives by the words he speaks.

I think sometimes it is too easy to allow ourselves to view the work of a Channel as something mystical and magical, something beyond our reach; too easy to put those who offer truths to us on a pedestal believing that they are much more knowing than we.  Do we ever take the time to approach them?  To ask them if they practice what they preach?  Do we ever allow ourselves to consider that they really are no different than us?

Life is for most people a challenge, and although we all have dreams, it is far too seldom that our dreams are realized.  It takes a certain level of confidence in one’s self to rise above the nagging doubts and confusion that the modern day world causes.  Yet out there on the fringe of society exist thousands of people who has discovered that the key, not just to survival but to success, is to have undying faith in one’s inner guidance.  In years past these people have seemed beyond us, difficult to reach and even more difficult to understand.  The perception has often been that this is not something that the common person can utilize as a tool to improve upon their own way of life.  Yet recently many have stepped forward to speak out against this misconception and to pave the way for others to find the joy and happiness they have been seeking.

I think, more than anything, people as down to earth as Darryl award us an opportunity  to reflect on the true value of the wisdoms shared, and reassure us that this information so graciously given can in fact be used to make our everyday lives a much more  pleasant experience.

Jean Victoria Norloch

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