Reflections – Davide Swarup

Davide SwarupHe said it so casually, without hesitation…

Honest and pure, by way of explanation…

I walked into the room, we met and we fell in love…

Sounds very much like a typical story of love at first sight, the common tale of romance that many dream of and few ever have the joy of experiencing. Romantic yes???

What is interesting about this story is that the love affair is not between a man and a woman, it is between a man and an instrument of healing, a remarkable piece of metallic sculpture that when caressed in a loving way releases soul crushing tones.  The sound is pure, music that you can breathe; the kind of music that takes you home to place of safety and security, a place of well-being and comfort.

You might think perhaps I am exaggerating, and I will as usual leave it up to you to decide but I caution you most truthfully to make sure you have something close by with which to wipe your eyes as there have been times when the sounds that slip from the fingers of our friend have made grown men weep.

Still, as magical as the music is it is not the most remarkable thing about the man who calls himself the instrument through which Spirit may play; no, the most amazing thing is the relationship between the man and the music and the tool that helps him play it.

A little reflecting and I went back to a time when my own grandmother, an incredibly talented artist, would run her fingers over her tools of trade.  Lovingly she would pass her hand over the brushes taking their ease by her easel allowing her fingers tips barely touch the tiny bristles; it was almost as if she was feeling the energy of the brush and through her touch instinctively knew which brush was meant to make the next stroke.  She never looked at the brushes in her choosing, rather she felt her way through the act of painting and I wonder now looking back if she ever actually saw the canvas until the painting was done.

There was as much the power to heal in her art as there is in the music of Davide Swarup, and it is with that realization that I have become aware of how much power any art has to heal when the artist allows themselves to be the creation rather than the creator.  I think that the difference between good art and great art is that a great artist does not direct the direction of the soul expression; rather they allow themselves to be the tool through which the expression flows.  They say the most revered of sculptures claim that they simply remove the material that is not meant to be there to reveal the form that already exists within and so it seems with the Hang; the healing vibration is already in the air waiting for a moment when the right hand may come along and help to make it tangible so that others too may hear and through the hearing of it, feel and heal.

Jean Victoria Norloch

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