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Aurora MahassineVery seldom do we consider the implications of green living space or rather the lack thereof.   Given our tendency to, in urban settings, remove much of the natural foliage to make room for new buildings we have slipped into a state of not so natural complacency regarding our very deep seeded physiological need to be close to nature.

The effects of this are grossly evident in low income urban settings where the environment is grey brick cliffs, glass caves and rivers of cement.  The crime rate in these areas is high, a fact often in the past contributed to desperation and lack of education.  Thanks however to our guest Aurora’ insight into these matters I have much more respect for how much of this out of control social problem may in fact be the direct result of loss of green space. She was kind enough to explain during our time with us that as more and more scientific studies are done on this issue, society as a whole is becoming more concerned with creating solutions to this growing epidemic.

As stunning as Aurora’s creative solution was, the desperate need for it was doubly as stunning and for a short time left me speechless.  After some time to reflect however it occurred to me that much of the trouble exists because the public themselves do not realize why.  Human beings are essentially compassionate and caring individuals who when faced with the facts about the cause of a problem are often swift and creative when coming up with a solution.  What needs to happen first however is that we need to explore the truth behind the cause and begin talking openly about our ideas and feelings about it.

It seems in our haste to expand we have driven ourselves further and further from the most beneficial part of the world in which we live, the planet herself.   We have set ourselves up to suffer poor physical health and deteriorating mental health.  We have starved ourselves of our most fundamental human right, to know and experience a connection with each other and with our Mother Earth.  We have robbed our children of the safety of the clean air, provided for so long for us by our treasured trees and we have struggled to understand why we are so disillusioned and angry, never realizing that our expanding concrete jungles are the cause.

I believe, as I always have, in the power of the human heart to heal our world and in the vast untapped potential of the human mind to explore innovative avenues for our race to journey down towards our future.  I believe that when informed and given the opportunity people will do what’s right, and I believe that it is up to us all to assist in our mutual growth and education. In keeping with the spirit of open communication I am including a few links not just to the inspired work of our guest but to studies that have been done and released to the public regarding these issues.  Thanks to our technologies we can spread this knowledge so that we can join together and act on it as our friend Aurora has inspired us to do.  So let’s get sharing and let’s get talking so that together we can build the world we all know we deserve.

Jean Victoria Norloch

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