Just Bill and Inner Child Magazine

William S Peters SrInner Child Magazine is shaping up to be a powerful vehicle.  With section from Raising the Vibration to tech, fashion, food, Community of Humanity.  Sure to be a blockbuster.

What can I say about my brother Bill?  When you see your friend and think, wow they’re in the dark.  Don’t kick them and shout get into the light.  Be the light and your brother will see.  That’s what I can say about our friend Bill. Listen up y’all. :o)

Be sure and see ALL that Inner Child is becoming:

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Did you know that Everyday Connection is in development of a feature-length documentary film? We are! No, really. ;o) We already have approval from almost all the projects we will be filming, and are in talks with responsible businesses about sponsorships and in-kind support! We need your support as well. Click below to go to our website where you can read all about the project:

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  1. Beautifully Stated *Rick*Loving the Brotherly Love we need more of….. I am Honored &Humbled To be apart of Inner Child Magazine Light &Love!