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Jordan OkrendI think one of the most important aspects of a new world that is based on easy access to mass information is our new found love of honesty.  With information freely flowing across oceans and lives being laid bare through various social networking sites we are becoming more open and accepting of not just those around us but of our own insecurities.

Our guest Jordan Okrend was brutally honest about the fact that although he is a musician who just released his second EP, he also struggles with confidence issues regarding his ability to sing.  It gave us an opportunity to explore openly this new way of doing business when it comes to the sharing and promoting of art.   For too long our musical artists have seemed to stand above and outside of society.  Successful big name artists have in the past gotten away with not only making ridiculous amounts of money while charging unacceptable prices for their efforts but with breaking every societal rule they could think of.  Drug and alcohol abuse for a time ran rampant through the music industry and though our youth seem to be more aware of the dangers the industry itself is not changing rapidly enough to meet the demands of the public.

Enter the independent artist and their newfound ability to reach the masses without the assistance of big media and expensive marketing and promotions.  In today’s world, good music is easily accessible and each individual has a choice as to which artists and musicians they would like to support.  The power is being put back into the hands of the people with regards to who will be the next star and the artists themselves are finding out the benefits of having a more direct and personal contact with their fans.  In fact the very word itself is becoming obsolete, as fans become friends and the world takes on a more intimate approach to art.

The beautiful thing about all of this is that it allows us to be honest about who we are, as artists and creators we can step into the truth of our being and rather than stand on a pedestal above those we wish to inspire, we can work alongside and collaborate with others who in our mind have just as much talent as we do.  The world is changing and with it the industry that has used image as its primary tool for making big money.  Young people today just don’t buy the hype they used to, they want to go beyond the fancy clothes and get into the story behind the art created.  Luckily our artists are also adapting and as Jordan has shown us, they are opening up to the public and bringing in a new vision of what art it.

Music has always been a universal language that can unite the masses but when we buy into this idea that music as ‘big business’ is the only way to get your message out we lose sight of the message.  The show gave me an opportunity to reflect on the direction that the music of tomorrow will take.  I see a future not too far from now when the independent artist reigns supreme and when talent is honestly represented without all the hype of yesterday.  I see a future where artists use their medium to promote success in others not just in themselves.

Our young guest says he simply wants to share his love of music and to uplift those who listen to it…

Can there be a more potent and powerful message than that???

Jean Victoria Norloch

PS: If you missed Jordan’s all live show, why not listen now?

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