Anne Aleckson for 2012

Anne AlecksonWhat can be said about tonight’s show?  Our dear friend Anne has brought us ’round to the new again.  Something we must all do everyday.  The Everyday Connection is new in each moment.  We must not bring yesterday’s eyes with which to view it.  You are borne into each moment by love, and so re-born(e) in each new one.  Be a beginner whose mind is open to infinite possibility, not an expert that already knows the only way.

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We love Jordan’s art and heart.


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  1. Kathy Kirk says:

    So glad for this discussion. The tug and pull within myself between “doing” and “being” has become so intense that I finally had to yield to “being” and tell my mind to sit quietly and watch. New times; new rules…Anyway, thank you for having the discussion which supports me so much. blessings to all of you!