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I thought when I was getting ready to sit down tonight and listen to the show that I had a pretty good idea of what I was going to write about, of course a few minutes of listening and my intentions changed as the realization hit me that this guest had opened up a conversation about a touchy subject that needs be addressed.

It’s a topic that many in our business struggle with, and it is in my heart to throw caution to the wind and discuss the issue in the most honest and direct manner possible.

It came to me while listening to Ines talk about her work with people surrounding the issue of money and spiritual services that I am certainly not the only one suffering from hang ups with regards to whether accepting money for my work is right or wrong. For many it is a belief that is ingrained so deep that it may takes years of digging to get it out of one’s system, but as we don’t have years and it does not body any good to have anybody wallowing in self depreciation and despair over lack of resources then perhaps it was time we talked about it a little more openly. Regardless of the fact that it has been for decades, if not centuries expected of those in service to spirit to not accept money for their services to their fellow man the reality is people need to live. For many in today’s society who have given up lucrative careers to pursue their passion to be of service it is simply not fair to expect them to suddenly give up all that they have in order to pursue their self described destiny.

Or is it??? After all is it not for us to trust that Spirit will provide??? I have been over and over this argument in my head and it has occurred to me that if the guy on the receiving end of the comforting advice and confirmation can be so convinced that the guy on the given end was sent by Spirit then why is it so hard to accept that the guy on the receiving end could just be the one who was also sent by Spirit to take care of the guy on the giving end?

It just makes sense when working and playing in a physical plain that we play by the physical rules, if food needs to be for the moment purchased and shelter paid for then should not our Spiritual services also require an exchange of some sort. Realistically speaking that is really all money is anyways, a physical manifestation of the means of energetic exchange.

In truth in this digital age where all things are free, or so it would seem it seems a rather harsh question to ask. After all there is no cost to making a you-tube video or to writing a blog so why then should there be some recumbence for such services. Perhaps the answer to that can be found in the time it takes to produce these things. It’s a basic fundamental rule of thumb that you don’t offer somebody a job and then refuse to pay them for the time they spent working for you. You would not expect them to stick around to long if that was the case, and you yourself would very likely refuse to work for free – so how is it can so easily be expected of others to do so.

So who ought to fit the bill?? Well, not to be too bold but I would think it would be those who are benefiting from the service provided. After all you can look around at any number of the interesting things for sale today and come to the immediate realization that we have been for the longest time in

the habit of paying people to harm us, so why not switch it up a little and start paying the ones that help.

Don’t believe me; seriously think about this for a moment. Those who make the biggest salary are also those who happen to do the most harm to our world and the people in it. The advertising industry is making a small fortune while they convince you to give up yours. The Insurance industry, pharmaceutical and tobacco industries have been making a killing for years in more ways than one and perhaps it’s best not to mention the banking system that has built an entire empire on selling debt.

But I digress, as it is not that this wonderful amazing lady is hung up on the topic of money and it certainly is not that the entire show was about encouraging people to cough up a little dough. Rather it was about having the courage to face some of our biggest hang-ups, and supporting others through the process of letting go of some twisted and rather interesting old world ideas that no longer serve us.

These things are the gifts our friend Ines brings to those she meets and it is these gifts that will change the way people see the world in which they live and view their place in that world.

Jean Victoria Norloch

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