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Mitch SchultzThe indigenous tribal elders in Peru have a saying – “It is not what’s in the cup but rather how the cup is served…”

Interestingly enough this saying encompasses much of what we were discussing not so long ago with our guest Mitch Schultz.

Not often am I inspired to push beyond our conversation before choosing a topic of discussion but there was something about Mitch’s explanation of the uses of drugs like DMT and Ayahuasca that got me hungry for more so I went in search of some of the potential medicinal uses of the drug.

I was completely amazed to find that not only is there a vast amount of information available but that some of our modern Western Doctors have begun to explore the use of Ayahuasca for the treatment of addiction and depression. Most impressive was the level of respect with which they were handling both the drug and the treatment, relying on Indigenous tribal elders to teach them the proper use of the tea.

It gave me hope that our understanding of the base causes of addiction have finally grown and expanded enough as to allow us to begin to seek outside our own self proclaimed medical genius and reach back to a time when things like drug and alcohol addiction simply did not exist. The Western medical world has for far too long relied heavily on the use of synthetic drugs to treat ailments that have a root cause in the emotional sub-conscious of the mind. The new exploration of Ayahuasca is allowing patients to explore on a much more profound level the causes of their distress, past experiences and buried memories that once brought to the surface with the help of the tea can be faced and dealt with.

While it is beholden on all of us to accept responsibility for our own actions and reactions, this does not mean that the pain and sorrow caused us by the abuse or mistreatment of others should be dismissed. When we bury hurtful experiences in the interest of self preservation we open ourselves up to possible self destruction through the use of narcotics and substances that numb and dull the pain we desperately wish to ignore.

Thankfully new relationships are being forged between western minded doctors and the indigenous peoples of places like Peru where Ayahuasca is used in rituals that clear the mind and open the heart to new possibilities. With the guidance of Shamanistic practitioners’ patients can be lead through a process that brings them back to themselves and allows them to face the fragments of their personality and experiences that they have been hiding from. In a safe environment they can explore their pain and find ways to heal it which ultimately gives them back a sense of control over the lives that they are living. It is a new hope and a new direction thanks to the careful use of an ancient medication.

It is thanks to the work of people like Mitch Schultz that these life altering methods of self exploration are being explored in the main stream and that this valuable conversation has begun. It is a conversation that I believe we cannot afford to have and we are eternally grateful for people like Mitch who are bold enough to get it started.

Jean Victoria Norloch

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