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Ray DawnSo I was thinking to myself “What now?” and the only answer that came to me was “I don’t know…”

The trouble is that now I wasn’t sure whether I should be scared or excited.

So I took a bit of time to reflect on one of our recent guests and her feelings about the ‘I don’t know’ space and realized that it’s the perfect space to be in. According to Ray Dawn, far from being scary, ‘I don’t know’ opens up a world of potentialities for me to explore.

You see, ‘I don’t know’ means that I don’t have any expectations and therefore I can’t possibly be disappointed. ‘I don’t know’ also means that I can’t offer up any promises to others that may lead to them having expectations that may or may not be fulfilled.

‘I don’t know’ means that there are infinite possibilities, multiple paths to walk down, new trials to blaze and doorways to walk through. ‘I don’t know’ means fewer limitations, less rules to follow, no boxes to break out of and no lines to cross. ‘I don’t know’ means that anything could happen, anything at all and with the word anything comes the feeling of adventure and hope of many new things.

‘I don’t know’ means I don’t have all the answers and therefore I don’t have to pretend to be perfect, I don’t need to put on airs and give off the impression of being all knowing and wise. ‘I don’t know’ means that I still have tonnes to learn which also translates to new experiences.

‘I don’t know’ denotes an element of surprise; if you have ever been given a gift that you didn’t expect to be given then you know exactly how much fun a surprise can be.

‘I don’t know’ just reeks of places unseen and feelings not yet felt. It is steeped in the mysteries of the vast unexplored realms of universal creativity. It pulls from us a deep seeded sense of excitement and anticipation of wonderful things to come.

To be honest the more I reflect on what ‘I don’t know’ means the more I am eager I become to spend more time in that particular space. I think it is how all things created begin, I think that nothing in our world has ever been accomplished or discovered without somebody, somewhere first saying ‘I don’t know’. I think ‘I don’t know’ means forward, up, outward and onward.

Finally I think that thanks to our guests ability to have faith and to trust that all is well and her reminder that all is exactly as it was meant to be I will come to enjoy my ‘I don’t know’ moments because I know in my heart they will always lead to my next ‘ah ha’ moment… (but that is an entirely different blog)

Seems she really did shed a bit of light on my world…

Jean Victoria Norloch

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