Reflections – Gianna and Genevieve Return

So when’s the last time you had a serious discussion about life with your friendly neighbourhood super-teen???

I understand how the average adult might be a bit hesitant to put their faith and trust in the advice of a 16yr. old girl but consider for a moment the following wisdoms then consider the source…

Be your own Guru… If somebody is offering to ‘heal’ you rather than offering to help you learn how to ‘heal’ yourself, it’s possible that their interests are not in alignment with your highest good – you discernment when seeking answers and remember they are always within.

Information and confirmation always happens to appear in the moment you are either ready for it or in need of it; keep your eyes, ears and heart open.

Humans are quite possibly the only species on the planet that have spent generations labouring to destroy their own environment and as a result are also the only species on the planet who have managed to put themselves on the verge of extinction.

Dream journals are a great way to connect with your subconscious mind; very often childhood issues and other buried emotional baggage will come to light in our dreams and learning to interpret them can encourage healing and growth.

With regards to trying to understand our dreams; keep in mind that the subconscious mind has some rather inventive and creative ways to get your attention; don’t find excuses to beat yourself up over odd imagery.

Life throws crap at you all the time and you can easily lose yourself in the “why me??” energy; shift your focus off what is not working onto what IS working. There comes a time when you just have to let go and trust that all things are in total alignment with your highest good.

Perhaps it’s as they say, and the fact that they had each other all their lives has awarded them the strength and the conviction to continue their own personal quest for truth at an extremely young age. Perhaps it is the innate inner guidance of their higher self that they have over the years learned to listen to or perhaps it is merely that they have an amazing mother who has raised them to be confident and sure in their choices.

Whatever it is, I am reminded every time I talk to them that age as they say is just a number and that experience and wisdom may not always be measured in years. As usual I am left with much to reflect on and as you are here I imagine so too are you…

Jean Victoria Norloch

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