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Christopher ZelovIt’s an odd thing to live in a world that abundantly provides us with food, water and shelter and to have social issues like homelessness, starvation and death due to drought. An odder thing still to consider that even if at any given time on the planet there is a natural disaster or shortage that we have the technological means to provide for locals affected by these things yet we still struggle to find ways to feed and provide care for the impoverished. I want to pretend that this is normal just for a moment so that my own inner conflict regarding these issues can be laid to rest but I just don’t have it in me to accept this as a reality.

Many of the challenges we face today are directly related to our love affair with the concept of lack, a love hate relationship that continues to drag us down and causes us to be collectively less than we are.

Blood Red Glasses

Where did this Idea come from? Who told us that it is acceptable to look at the world around us through glasses that are tinted red. Red, the colour of blood, for all the blood that has been shed over the years in the fight for ownership of land and state. Red, the colour of rage, for all the hate that has been birthed in the hearts of those who are fearful that others will take from them what they consider rightfully theirs. I would ask though, how can anything on this remarkably complex organism we call Earth ever be considered theirs, and who the hell are ‘they’ anyways.

They are a thing we have allowed ourselves to create in order to explain away this foreign idea of lack. I firmly believe we are not born with this idea, it is something that must be learned through careful grooming over a multitude of years, taught to us by dedicated and passionate believers in the lie that is lack. The lie that is ownership; for who are they, or we, or anybody else for that matter to lay claim to a land that has existed for millions of years and will be here long after we are gone. How can you own something so vast and powerful as the Earth??? Where is the logic and the reason???

There is none and as such the idea when thought through in the stillness and quiet of the late night hours simply does not compute and leaves one feeling lost and slightly misplaced. Thought through too often and for too long it can leave one feeling like they are a stranger in a strange land, an alien who can’t quite come to terms with the rules of engagement on the planet they have inadvertently found themselves stranded on.

It would be so much easier if I could turn a blind eye to this and walk away, much easier if I could bring myself to silence the voice within that screams indignantly at the imbalance that seems to be so widely accepted as the norm.

Thankfully there are others out there like our guest Christopher Zelov who also refuse to allow this reality to define the fate of our race and who through their work remind us that in the battle for freedom is not one that can be won by dwelling on the darkness of our current times but rather by shining a light on the creative and innovative ideas that will launch us into a new paradigm.

We often ask on the show – ‘How ridiculous does it have to get’ and the answer according to our friend Christopher is almost too simple to believe. It’s not so much about how ridiculous it has to get but rather what about our world that we wish people to see as ridiculous.

So rather than dwell on the fact that we are lacking reason and logic let us build instead a world that is abundantly full of both of these things so that sometime soon we will look back at the obsolete society that was lost in the dark and feared to be without and see the humour in not having seen the light.

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