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Brandon Babb“Whatever spiritual background we may have, it’s always good when you have it on a personal level, that way you can invite it into your daily life; so it becomes not something you do on a special day but in each moment.”

Yup he said that, and it brought me right back to the very beginning of my own personal journey which was my own confusion over why there was so much fighting over which was the ‘right’ religion or the ‘right’ way to worship or honour God.

I just can’t bring myself to believe in any way shape or form that an all knowing, all seeing, infinite being would ever limit the experiences of his creation. It is illogical to assume that any energetic force that came into physically manifested existence in order to fully experience the physical would set for itself rules and regulations on what aspects of that physicality are legitimate. Mind you, that being said, it also means that if this does not happen to be your truth then whatever your truth may be, whether you agree with mine or not is a valid truth and should be honoured and respected by me and anybody else who happens to cross your path.

Easier said than done, I agree but the option is always there in the mind of any fully conscious being to allow others to have their own unique understanding of and connection to the Creator. The trouble perhaps lies then not so much in our ability to accept but rather in how to communicate that acceptance to those who may not necessarily see the world as we see it.

As with all social challenges there is an easy and quick solution to this lack of communication, a solution that has been around almost as long as mankind.

Music my friends, a language completely unlike any other on our planet in that it aligns with the heart not the mind. Music is a tool that can be used by skilled hands to sculpt inspiration, comfort, encouragement and healing, for those in need of it. Music is universal, non-judgmental, non-biased and when given as a gift from the heart can free the soul, taking us to higher levels of awareness.

All because it is a simple vibration that is not restricted by barriers such as language and is not subject to the laws of any land or divided by borders. It is pure, a language of feeling, of emotion.

Quite simply, music is a physical manifestation of pure creation, and to me represents the love that the spirit within has for the world in which we live and for the people (all of them) who live within it.

Jean Victoria Norloch

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