The Pain Whisperer – Tom Chi

Tom Chi - The Pain WhispererChronic pain can be a life shattering experience that can rob you of your work, your friends and even for some, your family. Difficult to relate to for those who are none suffers, almost unbearable at times to live through for suffers the solutions in the past have been few and far between and for the most part chemically induced.

What if the pain that has torn your life asunder could be gone tomorrow? What would you do if you had the chance to wake up feeling healthy and invigorated for the first time in years? Is it even possible for you to imagine a life without pain?

‘The pain whisperer’ is not only working to help others using his unique method for the treatment of pain but is also a ‘pain victim’ who has found freedom through the use of the same techniques he is now teaching to others. Listen in and discover for yourself that illusive ray of hope that chronic pain suffers so often spend a lifetime searching for.

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