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Franco DeNicolaWater – the life blood of our planet…

With the power to heal, to wash away unwanted things, to invigorate and sustain life and to take it away. It can slowly break down walls, destroy shorelines, and when there is enough power behind it, it can rip apart buildings and capsize even our most massive water bound technical wonders. Without it we would not exist and by observing it we can learn to take our existence to a new level.

One of the most miraculous things about this incredible element is its ability to adapt not only its state i.e. from fluid to solid… but it can also adapt its shape to fit whatever container it might be resting in or to flow easily around whatever obstacle might be in its path allowing it to journey freely from one place to another even in those times when it might seem impossible for it to do so, water you see is not easily stopped.

So what does the success of water teach us?

It teaches us that to achieve our goals and get to our chosen destination we must be flexible and willing to take the path of least resistance.

Which just so happens to tie in quite nicely with the new energies that are flowing around our planet as we launch into the upcoming (or happening now depending on how you see things) shift in consciousness.

We were recently blessed to have the opportunity to discuss with our guest Franco the need to remain in a fluid state of being during these tumultuous times. Remaining in space of open acceptance allows for an easy and smooth transition into the lives our spirits call us to.

There was a time when it benefited us to remain rooted, strong and sure in our approach to life, our well planned out lives lead us to successfully develop and grow our society and our technology. Yet as our understanding of our need to come into alignment with the natural world in which we live grows so too does our need to remain open to new ideas so that we as a race may grow beyond where we now are.

The human race has always been enamored with the idea of discovery, be it the exploration of new lands, new ideas or more recently the discovery of our new sense of self. As our natural tendency to seek out the unknown leads into a deeper understanding of our connection to our world and each other, our previous perceptions will be tested and tried. As it has always been during the long process of our evolution we must be willing and able to accept new concepts and set aside our fear of losing the beliefs that we have for song long clung to as our stability.

Much like the waters of the mighty rivers of the world, we have journeyed far from the source or our creation, and as we near the previously unexplored sea of infinite possibilities the speed of our forward movement increases and if we would wish to flow freely into tomorrow then we must allow our hearts to quicken as well.

Jean Victoria Norloch

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