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Tom Chi - The Pain WhispererIs our ability to heal directly related to the limitations we have imposed upon ourselves through our beliefs that conventional medicine is our only hope?

Going from my own personal experiences with alternative healing methods I would have to say that although it is always important to take into account personal preferences and needs, when it comes to getting well there needs to be openness with regards to new previously unexplored or even ancient and forgotten techniques.

Too often in today’s world of modern medicine we hear the words ‘there is no cure’. It seems that some people have come to accept this as being a reality of the times, especially when it comes to neuromuscular disorders that cause debilitating chronic pain and immobility. Has it not occurred to modern man that these four little words might have a devastating impact not only upon the individual hearing them but also upon the society that accepts this as normal? Those words introduce an idea and a concept into the human emotional experience that robs people of the ability to visualize a positive outcome and to ultimately seek out a possible solution for their health issues. There is no more sure-fire way for a human being to condemn themselves than to give up hope of salvation and the very idea that any one person practicing medicine would allow this to happen is inexcusable. Yet we do not have only one person saying these things, we have an entire medical community who honestly believe that this is simply how it is.

Why do we accept this as a truth? With the vast amount of information now available to us through wondrous technologies like the internet should it not be up to us take it upon ourselves to take our own healing into our own hands. Can we not use our communication abilities to rise above our current understanding of medicine? In fact should we not at all times unitize any kind of available information to us to ensure that we exhaust all possibilities for a longer, happier more fulfilling life?

I find it odd, that in times when all of the ancient wisdom can be easily combined with modern scientific understanding of the physicality of the human body that our medical community is not spending more time researching these tried and true techniques. If we were to combine these old world methods with our modern day advancements perhaps we might stand a fighting chance of coming to place in our evolution where the words ‘no hope’ become obsolete.

Thankfully there are those out there who are taking the time to go beyond conventional teachings and explore new methodology for curing things like chronic pain. One of our recent guests has in fact developed a method that allows for the manipulation of muscles to release previously unworkable and undiscovered knots in deep muscle tissue that allows for freedom of movement and freedom from ‘incurable’ chronic pain. I find it comforting to know that there are people out there who have not given up or given into this idea of ‘no cure’. In fact I believe that once this idea and other ideas like it catch on the paradigms of our concept of health care will shift from our current acceptance of ‘sickcare’ and put us back onto the path of health, happiness and whole being wellness.

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