Richard Poole brings some Healing for a Broken World

Richard PooleMankind’s Last Chance argues that the repair of our broken societies, our collapsing economies and our wrecked environment lies not in the application of any new form of political and economic governance but in a moral re-awakening and a renewed commitment to the common good that can only come from a spiritual transformation on a universal scale. Listen we discuss his ideas.

Richard Poole has spent over thirty years working in emergency relief, reconstruction and development in Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean. He now lives in Colchester, UK.

Drawing extensively on his experiences of more than thirty years as a humanitarian worker, Richard Poole takes us on a journey from our earliest origins to our present day, one that enables us to see how far we have strayed from our guiding principles to create a world that is bent on self-destruction.

Music for tonight’s show generously provided by Jordan Okrend:

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