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Feeling Like There’s Something Else You’re Supposed To Be Doing?

Nicola GraceHave you ever had the feeling there’s something else you’re supposed to be doing? The majority of new clients coming to me say, “I know there’s something else I’m supposed to be doing, I just don’t know what that is.” That sense that there is something else to do, other than what you’re doing right now, is the Soul’s way of communicating to you – there literally is another life path for you that is better than the one you’re on. It’s life calling. That something else is your life calling you to step into a greater purpose.

So knowing that there is another job, career path, business or mission to do, is you beginning to connect to your Soul’s communication system – your feelings! The not knowing what that is, demonstrates that you might just be a little out of touch with your inner feelings and guidance system. The number of people who say to me, “I don’t know”, when I ask them what makes them happy, demonstrates how successful our education system has been in dumbing down our need to be happily engaged in the work we do feeling fulfilling; and replacing it with what makes economical sense to pays the bills.

But when you reach your 30’s, 40’s and 50’s, having gone to work most of your life just to get the bills paid, it tends to leave you feeling like life has no meaning and there is no purpose to your life at all. That sense of meaningless or even frustration around just working to pay the bills, is still life calling you. It’s calling you out of the fog of the system of bill paying and into your Soul’s Grand Plan for your life – the plan that includes you being able to pay your bills, live in prosperity, but also have that greater sense of meaning and purpose in life. You can have both.

In fact in today’s chaotic economy and the job market, I believe the answer to a smooth transition is answering your life calling, and monetizing it accurately so you can have purpose and prosperity. We’re in a relationship economy now, not an industrial one. The economy is becoming more heart centered. 80% of millenial entrepreneurs will start a business intending to create social change. They’re called social entrepreneurs. This is the wave of the future emerging. Whether you are a social entrepreneur yourself, want to be one, or will end up working for one, here is where the opportunities for purpose, prosperity AND happiness can be found.

How To Get Clarity On What You’re Here To Do

So where do we start to connect with that calling you have specifically? As I mentioned above, we first need to develop that great connection with our Soul, since it’s the energy or beingness within us that is guiding our life according to a grander plan for your happiness and wellbeing.

Meditate To Connect With Your Soul’s Knowing

calling in life 280x300 What Am I Supposed To Be Doing With My Life?You can start to do that right now simply by meditating and asking of your Soul to make itself known to you. For inexperienced meditators, simply sit still and focus on keeping the body still. This will eventually bring your mind into stillness enough that you can hear the answer to your question. Listen for the quiet answer that resonates within you. Don’t listen to your outer mind and ego piping in here as it usually loves to do.

If you’re an experienced meditator, then do your favourite meditation. At the end of the session, ask your Soul to reveal itself to you then get on with your day. You can also reverse this and ask the question before the session. At some point when you are ready, you will have a tangible experience of Soul communication.

Now you have that part of the communication puzzle in order, it’s time to look at your entire life and find the clues your Soul has left you to get to your Mission Blueprint. That’s the what, when, how, who and where of your life path and life calling. That’s a bit more complex of a task than there is space for here in this blog post. So I’ve created a webinar coming up soon to give you the Secret to starting out on the right foot and the Formula for connecting your right feet to your life path so you can find your true life calling – that thing you’re supposed to doing with your life.

The webinar is called “Discover What You Are Here To Do”, and I’ll go into the nitty gritty of all seven steps you need to take to reach that feeling that you are doing exactly what you’re supposed to be doing with your life, heading in exactly the right direction. Be sure to head on over there now to reserve your seat, as places are limited.

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