Adeline van Waning

Adeline van WaningAdeline van Waning, MD PhD has worked as a psychiatrist-psychotherapist with adults and children. With an MA in Buddhist studies, she integrates her broad expertise in giving meditation guidance and in hospice care. She lives in the Netherlands. Writing, painting and cycling in the Dutch dunes near her home are cherished involvements. Today’s favorite Zen saying: Everyday is a good day…

Her book ‘The less dust, the more trust. Participating in The Shamatha Project – meditation and science’ is published by Mantra books, an imprint of John Hunt Publishing. It came out January 2014. This book presents the story of her participation in The Shamatha Project, a large international endeavour in the field of meditation and scientific research. The project entails the participation of two groups of meditators in two three-month meditation retreats, combined with research, in 2007. Since then there have been two rounds of follow-up, and the third round – now after 7 years – is in process. Adeline’s book addresses Buddhism, shamatha mindfulness practices (concentration-calm), and meditation-research. With diary excerpts, dream log, and audio transcripts she gives the reader a feel for her personal experiences. The current research outcomes of this unique ongoing project are reported, focusing on the effects of the various practices in attention and emotion regulation, and on health. They include groundbreaking findings of effects down to the chromosome level. The practice ‘Settling the mind in its natural state’ invites wonder: what is this natural state? Each chapter includes a guided meditation. The book is structured in a way that it can provide the reader with various threads. It can be read as an overview of The Shamatha Project, meditation and science. Additionally, it can be read as an exploration into Buddhist studies, with a focus on psychological and scientific understanding of meditation. Most importantly: the book can support a personal journey for the reader in practicing shamatha meditations, and experiencing increasing well-being. Applications for larger society are explored.

Adeline has always been  intrigued and fascinated by the mysteries of the mind. Living life has been the laboratory for exploration, reflection and deepening awareness. In the past, she worked in the field of psychotherapy, consultation, supervision and research at various institutes and universities, in various countries. For a long time she practiced with people with a history migration, loss and homelessness. Together with these involvements, there were many years of meditation and spiritual practice, in various traditions. With the mindful psychotherapy and meditation flows through her life and veins, her focus of interest and research have increasingly included persons’ surprising developmental capacities and resilience in the face of hardship. She published extensively in the field of psychotherapy, psychodynamics, migration, traumatization and war, empowerment, play, and cultural issues. Regarding meditation, the shamatha practices offer an important foundation for her practicing Dzogchen, in Tibetan Buddhist context.

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