Kathleen O’Keefe-Kanavos from Surviving to Thriving

Kathleen O'Keefe-KanavosThere is almost always a point in the process of illness where logic, reason, and medical expertise fail. It’s at this point a patient slips through the cracks, sometimes never to recover. The same can be said for any life-crisis including bereavement, divorce and financial ruin.

Kat survived three breast cancers….Kat survived by using something many in the medical field do not even acknowledge as being real– Her innate intuition and prophetic dreams. Learn to listen to them. They may save your life one day.

In her healing process, Kat used intuition and dreams to self-advocate a course of treatment, “often against the vehement advice of my doctors.” She always worked with physicians, but never forgot to self-advocate and make the final decisions. She hopes her story can help others make better decisions in life. She uses all 6 of her senses to keep herself healthy, happy and financially secure to this day.

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