ECN294 – Niki Norlock and the Launch of TRUTH: My Synchromystic Journey

Niki NorlockJoin us for the LAUNCH of Niki’s new book, TRUTH: My Synchromystic Journey.  Our dear friend, Ilia Kavoukis, joins Richard as co-host so that we can have as our special guest, Niki Norlock!

Does it take a miracle to save a woman who has lost everything? Does God really step in and carry those who cannot or will not for the moment carry themselves? Are the prayers we scream to the heavens in our most desperate hour of need really answered?

The answers can be found in the remarkable journey of the woman who went from laying curled up on the bathroom floor praying for God to take her home, to the woman who now believes that faith in the Divine is just the beginning of this incredible adventure we call life.

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