ECN298 – Mia Saenz – Self Love

Mia SaenzMia Saenz is a Self Love Teacher, and Media Host that help individuals, both women and men that have suffer through emotional trauma and shortcomings while growing up or as product of family dysfunction to heal and find their self-worth, even if for the first time.
Mia makes her home bi-coastal with her husband in Los Angeles, California and Miami Beach, Florida.

Growing up and moving through our childhood is usually a very difficult time for children. Within this space there is much trauma and confusion that needs to be addressed in a Self-nurturing way that rarely, if ever it is; this is called Self Love.

Mia’s program “I Am Who I Am” directly connects people to their inner divine core to find their true Self. With Mia’s successful six month program people have shifted from depression and lack of self-esteem to a healthy sense of confidence and self-worth to victoriously face life’s challenges.

As a media host of Radio, TV and Summits, Mia is able to spread the message of others to aid in the healing of childhood traumas to create the extraordinary life that each person deserves.

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