ECN306 – Kasimir Kurt – Lightworks

Kasimir KurtWe had a delightful conversation with our new friend Kasimir.  Here’s a little about him in his own words:

I came in with my abilities and a strong connection to other people’s energy and my guides, this connection almost went on a total pause during my school years, waiting to flourish in the years of my young adulthood, which was manifesting itself through 2 major wake-up calls as « I » was not willing to listen and let my life be guided by my heart , guides and the universe at large. Having walked down this path of resistance and awakening on which I even died at the age of 16 and ended up severely injuring myself « accidentally » by trying to escape my inner knowing.

I now stand here, having healed my eyesight and lower back to the degree where I can live a joyous life and assist other people in strengthening their connection with their heart, guides and to discover their own magic. I do that through workshops, 1 on 1energy / intuitive session, and my teachings on YouTube. My audiobook is in the process of birth, (only the universe knows when it will be finished) ( maybe in a few months ).

Visit Kasimir online to learn much more:

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