ECN307 – Dr. Michael Luan – Body Communication

Michael LuanWe had a fun and informative conversation with Dr. Michael Luan.  Listen in for tips and to learn more about body communication.  Michael in his own words:

I’m 5’9”, extraordinarily long-waisted, and have dreamt of having a butt like a figure skater ever since I put on my first pair of jeans and saw reality in the
mirror. In an effort to work on what God clearly forgot to give me, I have learned great deal about the body:
if I eat wrong, I get a Buddha belly.
if I stand connected, I become a leader.
if I exercise intelligently, I live a healthy life.
if I breathe right, I can reshape my body.
if I have fun, I can focus better.
if I move with balance and agility, I gain positive attention.
if I do all of the above, and I truly wish to change, I can take on any difficult task and create a simple way to solve it.
The body is your ultimate tool for success, and we all have the potential for greatness. Many times we cannot see our own greatness and need fresh perspective to help bring out the best in us. With a little coaching and insight,
I can show you how to get the ass-ets you wish to have.

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