Niki Norlock – Beyond Strength – EC1507

Niki Norlock in ManilaNiki’s back in da house! Y’all asked for it, so Niki joins me to talk about all things “Beyond Strength.”  “Beyond Strength” has been a seven-year journey for Niki.  Come listen as we chat about the backstory of the magical journey that has become our first documentary, “Beyond Strength.”

BEYOND STRENGTH” comes from the remarkable discovery of a group of Filipino children living, learning and growing together in a Children’s Home in Metro Manila. The film follows the journey of one young man, Daniel San Jose, who willingly shares his story in the hopes that it will inspire action in others and shed light on the desperate plight of some 250,000 children living in the streets of Manila, Philippines. During the journey we will explore the potential for not just survival but for children to thrive when connected with and supported by organizations like the ones we will highlight in the film. It began as a way to raise awareness and inspire others by focusing on the talents and the inner strength of these children; our drive comes from the belief that sharing their story with others may open hearts and minds to all the possibilities that life has to offer.

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