Jean’s Reflections on past guest’s visits.

Reflections – Tom Chi – The Pain Whisperer

Is our ability to heal directly related to the limitations we have imposed upon ourselves through our beliefs that conventional medicine is our only hope? Going from my own personal experiences with alternative healing methods I would have to say that although it is always important to take into account personal preferences and needs, when [...]

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Reflections – Jay Groover

“I’m always groov’n – even in my sleep I try and groove – It’s the natural flow of things to keep groovy – It’s like the space between – the past and the future stuck in the present – always moving forward in a conscious progression”. Jay Groover […]

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Reflections – Dana Mrkich

Throughout our development as a race, our hopes and dreams have always lain in that of the next generation. As we have moved forward in our evolution it has been a quiet understanding that the next generation to follow will always be a generation that initiates change. […]

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