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Everyday Connection Now TVFrom humble beginnings in 2011 to 10,000 monthly listeners in its first year, Everyday Connection has been the podcast offering expansive Information, Inspiration, and Conversation. Guests like Simran Singh, Dr. Terry Wahls, and Corinne Van Meter are some of the TED alums that have made their way to our virtual sandbox. Filmmakers like Foster and Kimberly Gamble, Darryl Anka, and Sharon Wright have been by to chat about their films. They’ve spoken to a multitude of musical talents including Davide Swarup, Jordan Okrend, Ena Vie, Larisa Stow, Kim Cameron, Brian O’Neal and Anthony Tilotta.  Explored the literary world with authors like Jeff Faria, Coy Cross, Jamison Shults, Nadine Hayes, Dr. Gary Michael Vasey, Jack Zufelt. Dove deep in to the unknown with Spiritual seekers like Wendy Kennedy, Nora Harold, Suzanne Lie Ph.D, Veronica Torres, Dana Mrkich.  With their relaxed synchronistic style, Richard O’Shields and Niki Norlock have co-created a vehicle for discovery and connection, crossing oceans and smashing borders using the technological wonder called the internet.  Now… They’re coming to you…

Taking their love for the world out into the world, they will now be exploring this amazing planet we call home, camera in hand, seeking out the miraculous in everyday day life.
If you would like Richard and Niki to visit your town, or come set up shop at your event, fill out the form below and they will get back to you soon.


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