Waking Up with Everyday Connection 2016-11-18T07:51:19+00:00

Waking Up with Everyday ConnectionIs waking up to what’s going wrong in our world wounding your spirit?

For over two years, Richard O’Shields and Niki Leach (aka Jean Victoria Norloch) have been using inspiration, information and conversation as keys to open the door to an honest representation of our ever changing world.  After over 375 airtime hours of uplifting exploration into the personal journeys of change-makers from around the world, the one thing they have learned to be a truth is that our world is indeed changing for the better and it is due to the tireless, joy-filled efforts of ordinary people that humanity has begun to truly understand the value of compassion, collaboration, and community.  As our focus shifts, both as individuals and as a global family, to settle upon that which inspires and moves us; our ability to both embrace the beauty of life and to create new beauty within our own lives expands.  Through our exploration of that expansion, we wake up to all the potential that life has to offer; and happiness ceases to be something we seek and becomes a part of who we are.

Join us while we wake up to the truth of humanity’s greatest accomplishment, and celebrate with us humanity’s innate ability to bring our inner light into our everyday lives…