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Simon Paul SuttonSimon on the Sofa is a web show capturing transformational conversations with magical people from all walks of life; supporting humanities awakening out of fear and into love through the embodiment of transparent communication to support, inspire, empower and educate you as we collectively evolve and co-create new realities amongst the chaos and wonders of this mystery called life.

A brief message from Simon…

Simon On The Sofa was my response to the lies and pain I was witnessing within myself; which eradicated when I spoke my truth, loved myself unconditionally and stopped letting fear and doubt drive my choices.

I knew if I communicated my vulnerabilities transparently it would empower others to speak their truth and through this action we would not feel so alone in the world. We all know the truth on a deeper level and the truth sets us free.

There is a shift in consciousness taking place and as the Dalai Lama said, “this is a century of dialogue” and these dialogues will support the evolution of our species and take us beyond the lies which birthed from a foundation of fear.

To communicate transparently is to love yourself wholeheartedly and to love fully is to speak your truth freely.

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David ColeIn ‘Celtic Corner’ we will be looking at and learning from Celtic Christian spirituality. A way of living out the Christian faith quite different to modern Western mainstream church, drawing inspiration from the ancient indigenous British and north European church.

David Cole is the founder of ‘Waymark Ministries’ whose mission is to create opportunities for people to engage in the message of the Christian faith outside of mainstream church; he is a Spiritual director/teacher and Retreat Leader; ‘Explorer Guide’ for The Community of Aidan and Hilda (www.aidanandhilda.org) a dispersed Celtic Christian Community; the author of books on Christian Meditation, including the award winning ‘The Mystic Path of Meditation’; and has been a Church Minister. He is qualified in ‘Spiritual Care’ (holistic care and pastoral counselling) and is currently studying a Masters’ degree in ‘Christian Spirituality’. David lives in the Beautiful New Forest on the south coast of England with his wife and two young children.

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Ilia KavoukisIlia Kavoukis is host of CIDI – 99.1 FM’s ‘The Alternatives: You Have Choices!’; a show that talks about and showcases alternative medicine, also known as holistic medicine or complimentary medicine. The purpose of the show is to help bring the information forward and to demystify any preconceived notions and misconceptions – its aim is not to discount modern medicine, but to work in conjunction and in a harmonious way to help the patient on their healing path.

As a correspondent for Waking up with Everyday Connection, Ilia will be bringing all her knowledge and all her passion for healing and pouring it into ‘A Little Bit of Alternative Sunshine’.

Ilia is a big believer in taking responsibility for our health and being proactive instead of reacting to a disease or a sickness once it occurs. However, once we are in that situation, Ilia believes it is a wonderful opportunity to use the disease or sickness as a wakeup call and to see it as “healing crisis” to help you heal something deep in your soul that can only be healed in this way, often something that you have been ignoring for a long time.

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Angela MandatoRev. Angela Mandato LMT, NC NCTMB is a mystic and a gifted energy medicine practitioner. She is a leader in heart centered communication and is well versed in the languages of body, mind, soul and spirit. She is a masterful bodyworker, mentor, guide, and shaman.
Angela has studied with many experts, indigenous wisdom keepers and healers from around the world and has been given the esteemed title of Metis Clan Mother. Angela is a graduate of the Sensory Development Institute and the Healing Light Body School. She is certified in Soulful Communication, Soulful Leadership, and Ultimate Human training as well as a long list of energy medicine modalities. She teaches worldwide on the topics of “Shamanic Energy Medicine”, “Navigating the Realms of Relationship” and “Dying Consciously”. She also facilitates sacred sites ceremonies in Peru and around the world.

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Gianna and GenevieveOur names are Gianna and Genevieve.

Our lives are all about spirituality, helping others and ourselves. We always pay attention to what’s going on universally, apply universal laws in our lives, throw out old beliefs, thought patterns, heal traumas, while embracing our true divinity and letting our clairvoyant abilities and higher power be our guide.

All to create the realities we want, to be better people, to have a better world. We help others do this too. Universal change starts with individual change.

We talk about old surfacing patterns we’re dealing with, universal lessons we’re learning or have learned, and what’s going on in the YOUniverse right now.

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Lucien Clausse“As I sit in the quietness of the night, to reconnect with memories of past, the waves of silence is rising within to let me know that I Am. The I Am, that part of me that shines brightest and which makes me whole, for I Am. The star seed that was born to be part of the awakening process. I have followed my path with love and understanding, within the reality of Love, Light and Truth.”

My name is Lucien Clausse

I am a Spiritualist, Medium, Channeler, Metaphysical and Spiritual Healer, Spiritual Teacher and Life Coach.

In Lite Light I will be sharing with you some of the wisdoms and insights I have been blessed to be gifted with during my adventures here on Earth; join me while we explore the beauty of life together.

You can find Lucien here…

Blogs: http://spirite-lunic.blogspot.ca/

His store is situated at:
Les Voyances Lunic
Boutique Marcado
3565 Boulevard Taschereau
Saint Hubert, QC. J4T2G2